Debugging somehow easier for each release but it keep breaking my deprecated/outdated setup so I decide to make minimal working one.

FYI: Here’s outdated version and no TypeScript

TLDR: Here’s present version





Hit F5 to start debugging

And that’s it! It’s mean to be minimal as possible, Happy Coding!

WASM looked promising. It supports multi-language, provides near-native execution speeds within the browser, can be used with TensorFlow.js for AI/ML and Ethereum WebAssembly (Ewasm), Cosmos and some other Blockchain.


Let’s get our hand dirty with both Rust and FaaS (aka. Function as A Service in Rust provided by


  1. Install…

This is my experience while fooling around Binance Defi (actually it’s kinda Cefi), This is not a financial advice! Make your own mind don’t blame me!


  1. Binance account // this is my ref if you please 👉
  2. Make some deposit which money you can lose.
  3. Stop saying no to Defi, it’s not scam it’s a future.

First thing First

  • There are many way to lose and gain your money there. …

It’s like Forkable Medium + Jupyter and Colab + JS Playground with preinstall data libs + Github (and Team for paid version).


Here’s example for fetch BigQuery COVID-19 public data and plot it with vega-lite in Observable, Enjoy!

To follow me on Observable you can use RSS/feed

I want to create Fire effect for my game with threejs via React for my EdTech startup product which is a ML Game that will release pretty soon this year (so excite!)



It’s outdated (2017) and not working.


Migrate to threejs 0.114.0 and also with React 16.13.0


Until next time!


DLT & ML Debugger

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