Debugging somehow easier for each release but it keep breaking my deprecated/outdated setup so I decide to make minimal working one.

FYI: Here’s outdated version and no TypeScript

TLDR: Here’s present version

Hit run/debug and done





Hit F5 to start debugging

And that’s it! It’s mean to be minimal as possible, Happy Coding!

WASM looked promising. It supports multi-language, provides near-native execution speeds within the browser, can be used with TensorFlow.js for AI/ML and Ethereum WebAssembly (Ewasm), Cosmos and some other Blockchain.


Let’s get our hand dirty with both Rust and FaaS (aka. Function as A Service in Rust provided by


  1. Install…

This is my experience when trying to stake BNB natively as delegator (for development purpose), Obviously, this is not financial advice!


You spend 1 BNB, you will get ~0.0005 BNB back daily. undelegate took 7+1 day.


  1. Binance account // this is my ref if you please 👉
  2. Make some…

I want to generate a specified wallet address instead of a random one to make it more cool and able to recognizable while using it. e.g. ending with cat


I found vanieth which you can use it for Ethereum but it can’t be use with Binace Chain so I grab…

This is my experience while fooling around Binance Defi (actually it’s kinda Cefi), This is not a financial advice! Make your own mind don’t blame me!

2021 rate = 6%


  1. Binance account // this is my ref if you please 👉
  2. Make some deposit which money you can lose.
  3. Stop saying no to Defi, it’s not scam it’s a future.

First thing First

  • There are many way to lose and gain your money there. …

It’s like Forkable Medium + Jupyter and Colab + JS Playground with preinstall data libs + Github (and Team for paid version).


Here’s example for fetch BigQuery COVID-19 public data and plot it with vega-lite in Observable, Enjoy!

To follow me on Observable you can use RSS/feed

It’s 2020 now, everything should be easier right? let’s try!


This is fresh install, you can skip some if its already installed

# Install brew
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" …

This should be easy task but there is not! It seem like Blender 2.81 not go easy with import texture for some reason.


Texture has been ignore for some reason, and googling about it didn’t seem to help that much.


  1. Change base color from color to use texture instead.

2. Just make sure you have texture image file for open.

I want to create Fire effect for my game with threejs via React for my EdTech startup product which is a ML Game that will release pretty soon this year (so excite!)

Let it burn!



It’s outdated (2017) and not working.


Migrate to threejs 0.114.0 and also with React 16.13.0


Until next time!

It’s working as expected at first export, but suddenly took me a day to resolve this! So I will log it down here just in case I forget the combination.

Give my day back!

Problem #1

You will have “cut off” animation issue if your animation is more than 250 frames (mine is 291)


DLT & ML Debugger

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