katopz & blockchain

⛓ Here’s my story with Blockchain, Start with Ethereum (ETH) and end up with Stellar (XLM) 🚀

Who is katopz?

My name is Todsaporn Banjerdkit (ทศพร บรรเจิดกิจ) or known as @katopz in the open source world. I currently working as CTO of Digithun, a tech company under Jamsai Group and also Tech Lead for SIX.network

katopz & Blockchain?

[2017/11/04] Speak about Ethereum at HUBBA-TO

[2017/11/29] Speak about Blockchain at Tencent Thailand

[2017/11/03] Join Dev Network Team as Blockchain Evangelist

[2018/02/24] Speak about Stellar at Blockchain Developers new trend in 2018 at Knowledge Exchange Center — kx.

[2018/02/25] Join SIX.network team as Technology Lead and convince them to use Stellar instead of Ethereum

[2018/03/17] Setup Stellar 101 events for teaching ICO with Stellar at Geeky base Bangkok

[2018/03/24] Speak about Stellar at Sansiri

[2018/03/25] Create Stellar Developer Thailand Facebook group

[2018/03/27] Help SIX.network ICO with Ethereum and Stellar

[2018/03/30] Cooperate with TDAX to list XLM on their exchange

[2018/04/04] Convince Devnetwork team to switch from Ethereum to Stellar ;)

[2018/04/12] Speak about Stellar at Bitcoin Center Thailand

[2018/04/13] Create tech plan for Hyperledger & Stellar

[2018/04/29] Speak at NAPLAB about SIX and Stellar

[2018/04/13] Speak about Stellar in Korea

[2018/06/21] Speak about ICO and a little bit about Stellar


[2018/07/17] Speak about Blockchain (also Stellar) for ICORA

[2018/09/02] Setup first event that uses tickets on Stellar Blockchain via Chatbots

[2018/09/15] Bring Stellar to LINE HACK 2018 stage

[2018/09/22] Talking about CatCat Chatbots on Stellar Blockchain at DPU


[2018/11/12] Meet David Mazieres Chief Scientist at Stellar, Founder & Engineer at Intrinsic, Professor of CS at Stanford (Super cool! This made my year already! :D )

And there’s a lot more happened in Blockchain area especially job offers and business related in Bangkok (Actually many Stellar related work in Thailand will link to me behind the scene somehow because of my contributions) that’s came with some NDA so I can’t share that much to public. All I can say is I accomplish my goal for Blockchain already. :)

[2019] (now) There’s no Blockchain events I attend as speaker (or attendee) anymore because I’m now busy with A.I./ML and that will keep me busy for a year (or so)

Say hi to Machine learning! Now I become learner :D

I also coming up with my own project while learning A.I., I hope it will coming out well and I will share with you guys later as usual.

Happy Learning! :)



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