Medium clap bot?

2 min readDec 30, 2022


Some kind of script or bot try to pump follower by (not even randomly) clap to get attention? (Do ping me back if you’re not)

why god why?

It seem like they just clap for latest 7 blogs in order without reading it. 🤷‍♂️

poor you, got fake clap for xmas gift


Not cool! This is (maybe?) a dark side of a clapping. 🤢 I don’t know how to feel about this but from the beginning, I decide to blog here as a note to myself instead of expect someone to like it anyway so…

No expectations = No disappointments

But I still not like this 💩 for some reason, and this is just another reason why I start to build my own Gist of Rust 🦀 (still in alpha, aim to use web3/rust/wasm/edge capabilities e.g. login with web3, token donate, NFT paywall/ads, clap to stake,…) instead of writing random blog here and get nothing but fake clapping.

Good news I had my own CMS (alpha version)


This is not the way I think to announce my beloved Rust/Wasm web3 project, so I will do it properly in a good mood and positive mindset pretty much later when beta version release is ready.

Random Thought

In the web3 world we can set the rules like “clap with token” to reduce this kind of 💩. At least writer can get some token which should heal their bad feeling anyhow. And to complete the economics loop, “clap to stake” and “NFT ads” will be need there. Let’s do it!